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Taking Art to New Places

Well, what a crazy time we are living in!
Arty is missing you all so very much. Due to social distancing and precautions with Covid 19, it's unknown when Arty will be back in full force.

We will keep you updated here, and hope to see you all very soon! Stay healthy.

Let's Arty

Arty Bus is the mobile art and party experience. We deliver artist-ready projects for all ages and skill levels.

Arty classes

Have fun, make stuff and learn something new.

Private, small group instruction. Arty Bus provides all materials and guidance.

Reserve your spot and meet the bus on location, where you can draw directly from the beauty of our inspirational Finger Lakes area. Or we can come to you!

Plein Air, Watercolor, Sketching, Folk Art, Homeschool, all abilities and skill levels welcome!

Custom project to fit your theme, group and location. We'll bring the creative activity, the materials and the space to work.

Your guests create a one of a kind favor, and a unique keepsake for the host.

Unleash your talent and have fun while making memories with friends. Then we take the mess away!

Kids Arty Parties: $120 (up to 10 guests)
Includes up to 2 hours of Mobile Studio Time
All materials needed to create your custom favor
Artistic Guidance
Unique Gift for the Guest of Honor
Clean up and removal of any project related mess
Additional Guests, $15 each

Adult Arty Parties: Cost is per craft, from $15-$35 Each
Up to two hours of Mobile Studio Time
All materials needed to create your custom craft
Artistic Guidance
Cleanup and removal of any project related mess
FREE craft for the host
Unlimited number of guest (max 8 adults on the bus at once)

Birthday Party, Baby Shower, Girls Night, Bridal Shower, Garden Party, Club Event, Family BBQ, Just Because, Tuesday, Teambuilding, Employee Picnic; any reason to come together!

The arty Story

Art is for everyone, inspiration is everywhere.

We found an old bus that had a little more life left in it. After much work, we’ve turned this school bus into a bus school! This mobile art studio goes wherever the creativity is.

Up to ten (small) people at a time can work in the studio. It is perfectly comfortable with 8 people. When the bus is on location, it serves as a homebase and personal workshop. Artists make use of our provided materials and guidance to create individual masterpieces.

For larger groups, we bring the materials into any space that can accommodate the guests. Local parks, Churches, Restaurants, Community Centers and Backyards make wonderful places to create.

Now, it’s time to open the doors and bring artistic experiences to new places!

New in 2020:
The Arty Bus Comfort Station

Tell me more!

Book your next party, ask questions, make suggestions, or just say HI to the Arty Bus. Enter your contact info below, and we'll be in touch.

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Bus Conversion Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, I saw this really cool idea. Can I make it?
YESish... Some designs are intellectual property of the artist. I'm not cool with stealing someone's hard work. I will, however, adapt a concept to be unique to you and your style.
Additionally, many craft ideas are not practical for the mobile studio. They may require a long dry time, or materials not readily available.
I LOVE your thirst for a challenge though. Let's figure out how to make this work for you!

How Can I Book a Party?
Contact me through the form on the main page of this site (, call me (607.738.5868), email me ( or message me on our Facebook page (
I will respond as soon as I can; usually within an hour. From there, we can discuss a theme for a craft, and the event you are planning. I'll be sure I'm available on your day, and that there is an appropriate space to work (either to park the bus, or bring materials to). I'll help you choose a project to do, then send you ideas to choose from. When we find the perfect craft for your guests, I'll make all the needed plans to gather and prepare materials. Then, you spread the word to your guests and have a GREAT event!

Is this really a School Bus?
Yup. Arty ran students to and from school for 10 years. He wanted to keep working in retirement.

How did you come up with this idea?
Do you mean the Mobile Studio, or the craft we are doing?
The studio was born out of a little craziness, and a little desire to bring art to more people. It was absolutely a team effort!
Today's craft was inspired by you! What other ideas do you have?

Can I drive the Bus?
No. But, I'll bring it to you.

Can I ride on the Bus?
No again, the bus must be parked and stationary while guests are aboard. We had to take out the seats and safety belts to make room for workbenches.

Can I make a mess?
You sure can!

Can I use the Arty Bus for other stuff?
Hmm. Good question! I think the bus offers unlimited possibilities. It makes a great home base for storing and setting up items needed at events. The table space could be invaluable.
I can see this also being used as a private art space. Perhaps you want to spend the day painting at your favorite park, but don't want to transport all the supplies. I would be willing to park and stock the bus for you to use.
How about a mini studio for professional artists? Imagine face painting at an event, and not having to set up your table or chairs? And someone cleans up your mess? Nice.
Or, what about a private, mobile place to feed your kids? I can see the bus offering a comfortable option for breastfeeding mamma's, away from crowds and chaos at an event. I wish this was an option when my kids were younger.
Now, you got me thinking...

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